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Earthing systems are a vital aspect that find application in many industries such as telecommunication, oil and gas, petrochemicals, power, civil and computer netowrks. A reliable, permanent earthing system is a great aid to ensure proper functioning of electronic and electrical equipment. This avoids break-downs caused by static build up, surge voltage, switching and electromagnetic fields created by lightning discharge.

The Sentri Earthing System from Cupra ensure that the impedance levels are well within control, and enables higher levels of protection to the end user by the usage of quality components. The Sentri range features a comprehensive range of Earth Rods, Earth Plates, Earth Pits, Earth Points, Earth Rod Seals, Earth Supports, Earth Bars, Conductors, Ground Improvers & Lightning Protection System.

Product Range

Earth Rods

Sentri Earth Rods are available in Pure Electrolytic Copper Bonded, Pure Copper and Stainless Steel versions. Solid copper rods are used when the soil conditions are very aggressive, while stainless steel rods are used when there are problems associated with galvanic corrosion.

Earth Plates

Earth plates are used when it is not feasible to use earth rods due to a number of reasons such as access or soil conditions. Usage of lattice or grid plates in combination with soil conditioning agents gives high cost effectiveness.

Lightning Protection Systems

Product offering of Cupra stretches across both British & French standards in designing a Lightning Protection System. Active capture head range of Cupra is known in the brand name QUICKESE, the range provides superior performance conforming to the French Standard NFC 17 102.

Sentri GroundImprover®

GroundImprover® is a Carbon Based earthing backfill compound consisting of highly conductive materials, which increase the earthing efficiency and is most useful for areas where the soil resistance is high. GroundImprover® is one of the most eco-friendly earthing backfills available.

Other Earthing Products

Earth Support
The Sentri Earth support is used to connect earth leads to steel vessels, and tanks, and such structures. The base is welded to the steel structure, and provides a convenient earthing receptacle.

Earth Rod Seal
Earth Rod Seals are used in areas where the waterproof membrane within basements of buildings need to be protected against damage. The kits are supplied to suit different earth rods, and are capable of withstanding pressures upto 6 bar.

Earth Pits
Earth pits are available in Concrete and light weight versions. Earth pits are used to allow connection between down conductors and earthrods. The Sentri Earth Pit allows the enduser/installer to examine the connection between the down lead and the earth rod. For heavy load areas, a concrete earth pit is recommended. Sentri earth pits are strong and can take loads in excess of 5 Tons.

Earth Points
Sentri Earth Points are used to provide an earthing point when cast in concrete. In such cases, the reinforcement is used as an earth path, and connected to the earthing system. Earth points are available in single hole, two hole and four hole versions.

Earth Bars & Disconnectors
Earth bars are used for bridging in earth pits, and additionally find application in disconnectors. Earth bars are designated by the number of connections that are present. Sentri disconnectors are available upto 20 way, and are supplied in single and twin disconnecting versions.

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