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Electrical boxes are critical components of your electrical system that encase wire connections to protect them from short circuits. Metal Wiring boxes are more durable, fireproof, and secure. These boxes can be recessed or surface mounted. Oscur® Boxes from Cupra is a comprehensive range of GI boxes in various configurations to suit various applications and standards.

British Standard Boxes are available in two sizes, and three different depths, 25mm, 35mm and 47mm. All boxes feature a brass earth terminal that can accept upto 4mm 2 wires. As a standard, all boxes are fitted with at least one adjustable lug, which allows the final wiring accessories to be aligned on site. The 75×75 boxes feature twin adjustable lugs for greater flexibility while fixing on site. All boxes have 20 and 25mm knockouts on all sides, thereby ensuring that the installer has flexibility while looping wires from one box to the other. The Oscur® range of Back Boxes are manufactured from 1.2mm thick sheet steel as a standard. The boxes are also available in other thicknesses on request.

Drawn boxes are available in 86×86 and 86x146mm sizes to suit surface mounted applications of wiring devices. These boxes suit all wiring device manufacturers, and can be used as replacements to existing products, or as new build applications. Adaptable boxes are also available for a multitude of applications ranging from termination, re-routing, junction access, and terminal provision. The boxes are supplied with 20, 25, 38 and 50mm knockouts. All boxes have a brass terminal within, that allows the boxes to be earthed if required. IP rated versions are also available, which feature a gasket along the entry points, rating the product to IP 54.

The American Standard boxes are available in 2×4 and 4×4 inch versions. Each side has ½” knockouts to enable fixing of conduits.

Product Range

Surface Boxes

Cupra Oscur range includes Surface boxes that are used for the above the surface wiring requirements.

Recessed Boxes

The recessed boxes are the wiring boxes that are built into the walls and enable efficient installation.

Adaptable Boxes

Cupra Oscur range of adaptable boxes are built to adapt as per the installer requirements.

Weather Proof Boxes

Cupra Oscur range also offer a range of Wiring boxes with Thermal & Chemical resistance and relevant IP rating.

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