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Cupra Piper & Piperflex

Metal conduits are generally defined as cable protection conduits and fittings made of metal. They are used both in industrial applications and in installations outdoors. Metal conduits offer the highest possible protection against mechanical and chemical influences. Piper Conduits are available in Piper GI, Piper SS & Piper UL categories.

Flexible metal conduit (FMC) has a spiral construction that enables it to snake through walls and other structures. Flexible Metal Conduit range of Cupra is called Piperflex. Piperflex Metal Flexible Conduits from Cupra are used widely for the following applications like Machine tool wiring, Air conditioning, Floor Distribution Systems, Plant room, Panel building, CCTV etc. Piperflex Conduits are available in PVC Coated, Liquid tight LSZH coated and Bare Metal Flexible Conduits versions.

Cupra range also includes accessories like connectors, clamps, through boxes, swivel rings etc. Cupra also offers its range of Pipe Bending machines.

Product Range

Piper Conduits

Piper® GI Conduits from Cupra is a range of Conduits manufactured from high grade galvanized steel. The products are available in class 4 hot dipped galvanized, black enameled and class 3 pregalvanised versions. The SS range from Piper® provides excellent corrosion resistance performance in hot, humid environs. Piper® accessories are manufactured from SS to ensure rigidity and strength under impact conditions. Piper UL from Cupra is a comprehensive range of conduits and fittings to UL standards.

PiperFlex Conduits

Bare Metal Flexible Conduits feature an interlocking clutch that engages with each other. allowing it to move freely. The PVC coated conduits are used for wiring circuits located in extremely wet or damp areas and for machines and Equipment where ruggedness is required. They provide protection against most liquids and mixtures and mechanical protection for insulation. In Liquid tight PVC coated FMCs, there is a further nylon cord intertwining between the interlocked clutch construction that ensures IP66 protection.

Adapters & Accessories

Cupra Piper & Piperflex range include accessories like connectors, clamps, through boxes, swivel rings etc. Cupra ensure all the accessories meet the relevant quality and safety standards. High level of Efficiency and performance stability is achieved, when Cupra Piper and Piperflex range used with their accessories. Cupra also offers it’s range of Pipe Bending machines for easy and efficient installation of Cupra Piper & Piperflex Range.

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