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SURE FLAGPOLES is a brand owned by Cupra (Arietis). Established in 2007 as a brand dealing in high quality display and decorative flagpole products, Sure has been delivering Excellent service and and after sales service. The range commenced with flagpoles of small and medium sizes, and was further enhanced to include monster poles, with sizes ranging from 30m upwards. Products are available in several decorative options such as paint finish, stainless steel self finish, mirror, and powder coated options.

SURE Flagpoles have the capability to design, Supply, and install Flagpoles to different sizes. This includes Engineering Design to determine the stability of the flagpole in wind load conditions, the sectional detail of the flagpole in line with American standards ANSI FP 1001-07, and all necessary parameters for the stability of the flagpole. The SURE range also covers flags in various grades of polyester, and single and double sided versions. In addition to manual options, these flagpoles can be motorized to work with remote controlled enabled mechanisms.

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Blade Pole 
Tear Drop Flag Pole 
Banner Pole 
Wall Mounted Pole 
Stepped Pole 
Fibre Glass Pole

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