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Building technology and architecture has changed vastly that has resulted in the increased use of glass facades in buildings. This change, in combination with the open plan office concept has resulted in the application of floor distribution systems to ensure access of power and telecom services to ‘islands’.

The Flurplan features floor boxes in various other sizes and finishes. The floor boxes can be manufactured in Stainless Steel, unequal compartments and various plate configurations. The boxes can be adapted for use within screed or raised floors.

Boxes are available with recess, or flush with the finished floor. Single and multicompartment options are available. Cupra can provide solutions for mounting floor box within shallow screeds as low as 50mm.
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Product Range

Flush Floor Trunking Systems

The Flurplan® Flushfloor Trunking System can be effectively applied to buildings where the floor plans are not known in advance. As the system is flexible in a linear direction, this gives flexibility to the end user to relocate floor boxes to the convenience of the end user.

Raised Floor Trunking Systems

The Flexibility of the raised floor trunking system is through 360 degrees on the raised floor plane. The boxes are independent of the trunking, and can be repositioned on any point within the raised flooring, as long as it is serviced and connected to the trunking through flexible conduits.

Inscreed Duct Systems

An inscreed system is applied in projects where the final position of different service points is known in advance. This implies that the project design must be detailed to such an extent that the end user / occupant is fully aware of the usage and implementation of the points that have been designed.

Ingressor Beta – IP56 Rated Floor Boxes

Ingressor beta is the only floorbox in the world with IP56 rating. It is available in Two standard finishes: Matt Silver and Antique Bronze. Ingressor Box comes with a drain for effective IP rating in non-compliant conditions. The product comes with a 10 year warranty against failures.

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