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The Stanchion Range of Cable Supports from Cupra is a product spread ranging from Cable Trunkings, Cable Trays, and Cable Ladders, strut supports and related hardware. The range is available in various finishes such as Pregalvanised, Hot Dipped Galvanised, and Deep Galvanised, and is manufactured from Mild Steel, Pregalvanised Sheet Steel and special materials such as Stainless steel(grades ranging from SS 201 to SS 316), Aluminium, and Fibreglass.

The Stanchion Range from Cupra is comprehensive and all accessories necessary to complete the system are available as standard supply. It is also possible to customize product to the requirements of the customer.

Product Range

Cable Trays

Heavy Cables are used to feed buildings, and route services from one area to another. Such armoured and sheathed cables are run within Cable Trays. The Stanchion Cable Tray is a comprehensive range of perforated and solid bottom cable trays.

Cable Trunking

Cable Trunkings find application in containment of wires within structures. Pre galvanised sheet steel that conforms to the requirements of BS EN 10142:2006 is used in the manufacture of Cupra Stanchion Cable Trunking. When used with Cupra Accessories, they can take significant loads.

Cable Ladders

Heavy cable support applications is achieved using Cable Ladders. The Stanchion┬« Cable Ladders are available in three depths – 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm and are supplied in 3.0m lengths as standard, 6.0m lengths can
also be supplied on request.

Wire Basket

Wire Baskets provide exceptional performance with high strength to weight ratio and are designed for rapid installation. Cupra Wire baskets can be supplied in Pre galvanised (PG) to BS EN 10142, Hot Dipped Galvanised(HDG) and Stainless Steel (SS) to SS304.

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