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Cupra – Customer Centric

Cupra is committed to build electrical backbones to World’s fastest growing Businesses and communities. Cupra is a brand with footprints across the world, comprising products to varying standards and concepts.

At Cupra, the customer is at the heart of all that we do. We believe in our philosophy of providing the best products and services to our customers. By selectively picking our distributors, we ensure that our partners are best equipped to provide an exceptional level of service to our customers.

Our Product Range

Cable Terminals & Accessories

Oscur Boxes

Lightning Protection Systems

Cable Trays, Ladders & Trunking

Rigid & Flexible Conduits

Floor Distribution Systems

The Core of Cupra

We believe in the fact that we are accountable to our stakeholders. Quality products and services are the expectations from Cupra. All personnel at Cupra are experienced and experts at their jobs. Cupra employees are individually qualified and, as a team, we produce the world’s most respected and preferred products. We take responsibility for our decisions at the individual and company levels.

Caring, Health & Safety

Most of Cupra products are electrically orientated and involves interaction at the human level.. The end customer is subject to shock, and other risks, if the products are not of a good quality. At Cupra, we care for our customers. The products are manufactured in an environment where Health and Safety norms are stressed.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that we will get better by the day. This will apply to products, services, processes, teamwork and every aspect that we deal with at work. Continuous improvement is applicable in every thing that we do, which will ensure world leadership position to Cupra and its products.

Global Footprints & Team Work

With a presence in virtually every continent across the globe, Cupra products are serviced by a superior supply chain. This has been made possible by exceptional team work and a determination to achieve a market leadership position.

An Eye For Detail

Trained, carefully chosen, right people are the key to the success of an organization. Correct and continuous training ensures an eye for detail that ultimately translates into effectiveness and efficiency. The customer is therefore assured of the right products and services, at the best price levels

Our Prestigious Clientele

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